May 21, 2018


Given the Scholarship Fund’s resources, Cascadia does not grant full scholarships, but instead, seeks to provide the most eligible families with what it can to make attendance a reality.  Students applying to the scholarship program are ranked according to assessment in four categories:

  1. Financial Need
  2. Academics
  3. Character
  4. Student Motivational Narrative

While there is no specific application deadline, scholarship funds are awarded on a rolling basis. To be first served we recommend applying as early as possible. To apply for a scholarship, download and submit the Scholarship Fund Application. All applicants are 100 percent accountable for ensuring their applications are complete.    

If families are unable to qualify for aid or funds are unavailable, Cascadia provides a booklet to download full of information, tips, and strategies that assist students with their own individual fund raising efforts.  Download: Funding your Cascadia Course


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