Setting Us Apart

Since our inception we have stated our commitment to provide the highest quality environment-based school program found in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska.   Many companies offer trips in the Pacific Northwest, but don’t share the same level of commitment or experience that we do.  Cascadia's headquarters is based locally in Trout Lake, Washington. We are proud of our regional partnerships and nationwide group of advocates.

Educational Model

Here at the Cascadia headquarters we understand our participants have a variety of teen camp/travel programs from which to choose. The most recognized difference between Cascadia and other outdoor programs is that our programs have been developed within a school-based model or construct.  You’ll discover that our programs are designed with an exceptional level of “educational” depth with a heavy focus on how our curriculum engages our participants in the outdoors.  Our activities are integral parts of a sequence that begins with identifying what we want the students to learn and ends with experiences for putting that learning to use.  Additionally, each course comes with identifiable learning goals and objectives.   Upon completion of their course, students will leave with a Cascadia diploma and a quiver of newly acquired skills and competencies.

Natural Awareness

Another component of our program is the broad reach of Cascadia in its mission. We incorporate creative strategies to help students expand their environmental awareness and deepen their relationship with the natural world.  We’re committed to helping teen’s break out of their comfort zones and through experiences with the outdoors, begin to realize how we as individuals are integrally connected to the earth and its life systems.

Service Learning

Another difference to spotlight has to do with Cascadia’s commitment to instilling the value and ethic of service into our lifestyles.  Community service shouldn’t be treated as a feel good event.  It isn’t about padding one’s resume or completing a graduation requirement.  The concept of service has deeper purpose and intention.  Cascadia has made a commitment to “service learning”.  In every service project we undertake we emphasize the “why’s” and include time for reflecting on the experience.

Quality of Trip

While on course students will be on the move, but special planning has been undertaken to minimize travel time – time spent in the van getting from one location to a new destination. 

Quality of Staff

Our course leaders will travel with the student group for the entire journey.  We hire the best most qualified and dedicated instructors to lead the way.  Students learn, feel safe, have their needs looked after, and have ample time to enjoy the course with talented and fun loving leaders.


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Jim Wells