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Our Kayak Camp is for beginning kayakers, ages 9 to 16.  We introduce the basic skills and practices campers will need to safely navigate class I to III- whitewater in either a soft shell or hard-shell kayak. With an emphasis on safety, teamwork and responsible decision making, students will master skills in three progressive arenas -- flat-water, eddies, and downriver--while experiencing the natural beauty of one the country's most diverse watersheds. 

Before embarking downstream  students will master defensive paddling techniques in a low-risk scenario. This includes learning to catch "eddies" (pockets of slack-water or upriver current), ferry (move from bank to bank without drifting downstream),  brace (catch yourself before flipping) and roll (flip back to upright).  During the final two days the entire group will chose a section of river that suits their abilities and put these skills to the test.

In our magnificent outdoor classrooms, students learn together in an atmosphere that promotes active involvement, sense of community, adventure and fun!  Our expert kayak instructors make the difference.  They possess a background in youth leadership, a passion for life, a commitment to safety and are talented, fun-loving leaders.

Camp Life:  Our five day / four night course features a stay at our Kayakero Camp in Trout Lake and our specially appointed Klickitat River Camp complete with great meals and time to connect with students and staff.  Off water activities include video editing, outdoor games, fun challenges, ultimate Frisbee, low ropes course, caving, wildlife viewing, outdoor cooking and camping, star watching and land based kayak training -- to name a few!  Campers develop a multitude of skills, learn more about themselves and have fun! 

Skills Checklist


  1. Roll        
  2. T-Rescue            
  3. Wet -Exit            
  4. Paddle Stroke Forward/Backward
  5. Rudder                
  6. Sweep Forward/Backward         
  7. Brace Low/High                               


  1. Eddy Turns/Peel Outs                   
  2. Roll in moving water                      
  3. Draw Stroke
  4. Avoiding Broaches/Pins                               
  5. River Swimming                              
  6. Identifying Hazards

Down River:      

  1. Reading Water/Boat Scouting                   
  2. Portages             
  3. Avoiding Hazards
  4. Punching Holes/Waves                
  5. Surfing Waves               
  6. Advanced Moves

Five Day / Four Night Kayaker Camp

Day 1:    Meet at Trout Lake School; prep and fit kayaks; kayak instruction; chalk talk on river dynamics and safety; spelunking in lava tubes; cooking with dutch ovens; overnight at tipi camp.
Day 2:    Kayaking instruction course; river run; Paul Bunyan tower construction; camping; campfire & fun; double whirlpool camp.
Day 3:    Upper Klickitat River raft trip; rafting and kayaking instruction; gold rush and Sasquatch Saloon; wilderness exploration; outdoor living skills instruction; campfire and skits; river camp.
Day 4:    Paul Bunyan breakfast; Klickitat River Gorge rafting instruction; river navigation; kayaking; Trapper Joe's cabin; wildlife viewing; sky scout, portable planetarium, and star watch; river camp.
Day 5:    Kayak Olympics; secret swim pond; certificates of completion and celebration! say farewell at 1:00 pm -- Trout Lake School.

Tuition: $684

Course Dates: 
  • July 14-18

Three-Day Beginner and Intermediate Kayak Courses

Beginner: Cascadia instructors introduce students to fun on the water.  Ice breakers, team building, stretching and active games gets us revved up before taking to the water in easy to paddle inflatable kayaks.  Students will learn skills in the three progressive areas: flatwater, then eddies, then down the river. Before embarking downstream students master paddling techniques in a low risk scenario such as learning to catch eddies and bracing. Progressively they work up to paddling a hard shell kayak and learning more advanced moves. 
Intermediate: This course maximizes fun on the water while emphasizing skills to get you ready for running the rapids.  Instruction will emphasize developing a solid roll, balance and control, eddy hopping, bracing, precision ferrying and riding surf waves!  As you progress you will encounter rapids with wide clear channels.
Students receive a pre-course planning packet and a packing list. Top of the line kayaks plus paddles, PFDs and river gear is provided.  Questions? Call   503-673-2023.
Instructors will meet the students at the Bingen Park and Ride at 9:15 am with return at 3:45 pm.
Course Dates:
  • July 5 - 7
  • July 10 - 12
  • July 24 - 26
Tuition...... $249

Private Instruction

Ages 9 and Up  This course focuses on individualized instruction. Students will receive a textbook, on-water and off-water instruction. Also, students will learn to rig their kayak, wet exit, navigate whitewater, practice safety protocols and learn advanced kayaking strokes and technique.   Depending on experience and readiness, students will be taught how to roll their kayak. 
Call for cost and details.

We look forward to having you join us on this course – an experience of a lifetime!   

To Enroll: Call   503-673-2023  

Upon enrollment you will receive a complete confirmation packet.

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"Training in Class I - III whitewater allows students to learn Class IV - Class V techniques in a more forgiving environment.  According to Northwest pro-kayaker, Lane Jacobs, pulling 'hard moves on easy rivers' is the fastest way to progress."


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