Kayak-Raft-Backpack is an eight-day Cascadia Camp experience. In our magnificent outdoor classroom, students learn together in an atmosphere that promotes active involvement, sense of community, adventure, and fun! Our expert instructors make the difference. They possess a background in youth leadership, a passion for life, a commitment to safety and are talented, fun-loving leaders. Students receive individual and group instruction with a focus on developing skills such as catching eddies, ferrying, bracing, reading a river, packing a backpack and much more. Mastering skills and building self-confidence is a lifelong achievement. No Experience necessary.

Camp Life: Our eight day/four-night course features a stay at our tipi camp in Trout Lake plus campsites along the river in trout lake plus campsites along the rivers and on Mt. Adams. Enjoy great meals and time to connect with students and staff. Off water activities include outdoor games like ultimate frisbee, low ropes course, caving, backpacking in the alpine zone of Mt. Adams, wildlife viewing, outdoor cooking, and camping - to name a few! Campers develop a multitude of skills, learn more about themselves and have fun.

Day 1: Tipi Camp; spelunking; prep and fit kayaks; kayaking instruction; chalk talk on river dynamics and safety; cooking class with Dutch Ovens; overnight at Tipi Camp.

Day 2: Kayak instruction; river run; river camp; Paul Bunyan tower construction; Double Whirlpool camp.

Day 3: Upper Klickitat River rafting; kayaking; gold rush and sasquatch saloon; outdoor cooking class; wilderness exploration;  outdoor living skills instruction; river camp.

Day 4: Paul Bunyan breakfast; Klickitat River Gorge; river navigation; kayaking; Trapper Joes Cabin; wildlife viewing; sky scout portable planetarium & star watch; river camp

Day 5: Kayak Olympics; secret swim pond; GoPro video editing; video premier; prep for backpacking; Tipi Camp.

Day 6: Backpack to Sunrise Mountain Camp; Bird Creek Meadows and waterfalls; search for mountain goats; glissading and glacier snow cones; mountain safety, Timberline Camp.

Day 7: Explore Hell Roaring Canyon; underwater treasure hunt Bluff Lake; de-rig backpacks and gear; bar-b-que cookout; Tipi Camp

Day 8: Secret Swimming Hole; final challenge course; certificates of completion; parent/student luncheon at the Tipi Camp; farewell to instructors.


For More info, or to enroll call: 503-673-2023

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