Early Enrollment

Given today’s economic climate Cascadia School is keen on creating conditions and awareness that reduce our program expenses and your tuition. Planning ahead and enrolling early pays off big. Here’s why:

Our courses operate during peak travel months and by securing negotiated rates for lodgings, airline & boat tickets, public land use permits, rented vehicles, and contracted services months in advance we can significantly reduce our cost. The key is planning ahead and getting the organization done 6 to 12  months prior to your course. In essence, our goal is to plan well and pass the savings on to you – making Cascadia courses more affordable. 

As we at Cascadia plan ahead there are a few steps you can take as well. First, enroll early in a Cascadia course. Early admission deadline is May 15th, 2011. Early enrollment is recommended since group sizes are limited.

Our second recommendation is related to your airfare if your course begins in Portland, Oregon, San Jose, Costa Rica, or Anchorage, Alaska. 

  1. If you have a mileage plan with an airline it is most economical to book up to 11 months ahead prior to your intended travel date.  Airlines limit their mileage reward seats, especially during peak travel period. So, it is best to be first in line for those limited seats and make your reservation early if you plan to utilize miles to pay for your ticket. 

  2. If paying for a ticket, book and secure your ticket early. Airfares, especially for travel during peak travel months, typically escalate the closer you get to your travel date. For example, for our alternative winter break trip, we have seen airfares from the West Coast to Costa Rica sell for as little as $550 if you purchase early. If you delay until the last minute the fares could rise as high as $1,000 or more. The same is true with airfares to Anchorage, Alaska and Portland, OR. Visit: Kayak.com for airfares.

  3. If you are a school group we can negotiate airfare with the sales department of an airline and secure favorable group prices, but again the early bird gets the worm.

If you are ready to enroll in a Cascadia course, enroll early and secure your place with the required deposit.  Many students raise a significant portion on the course tuition and Cascadia will help you with your fund raising efforts if you prepare and start early enough.  We’ll provide a full range of tools to help you meet your goals.  For example, our “fundraising handbook” is filled with ideas and creative ways to raise money along with money management advice.  We take pride in offering you support at every step of the fund raising process.

  Parents, high school graduation only comes once in a lifetime for your son or daughter.  We’ve designed a lifetime adventure for both you and your grad.  Sign up early and watch your grad’s motivation soar as the course draws close.  Packing your bags for Cascadia’s Alaska Graduation Trip is a moment to cherish. 

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Jim Wells